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Timestamp puzzle...

Question asked by FMNewbie on Jun 20, 2010
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Timestamp puzzle...


(Using FM Pro 11; Mac OS Snow Leopard)


Okay... on a layout I have, I want to create a sort of table with a list of text entries in one column, and a timestamp for each entry in another column. Something like this:


     TIME    TEXT

     13:00    Got up

     13:10    Made coffee and went for a walk

                  and bumped into Bob.

     13:30    Checked mail.  No bills.  Yaaaay!


(No... I don't have OCD, it's just an example).  What I have so far is 2 fields (lets call them TIME and TEXT as above) each set up as a repeating field with say max 10 entries. TIME is set to a calculated result using:


      Evaluate ( "Get ( CurrentHostTimeStamp )" ; TEXT )


Because this gets a new timestamp every time something is changed, it only returns a timestamp in the first entry in the TIME list, but nothing for subsequent entries.  So with that in mind I have 2 questions:


1.  Is there a way to place new sequential timestamp entries in TIME each time a new sequential entries are placed in TEXT?

2.  Is there a way to have the size of the TIME entry change in relation to the TEXT entry as in the above example at 13:10?


Thank you.