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Timestamp script problem

Question asked by LeoB on Feb 11, 2010
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Timestamp script problem


I've got two timestamps in one table.  One created automatically for any modification and another created via a script for when a button is clicked to approve the record (button access controlled via UAC).  Both timestamps work fine.


Now, I'm trying to write a simple script via a trigger that runs whenever the modification timestamp changes.  I want it to compare the modification timestamp to the approval timestamp and if it is after the approval, then I want it to clear two fields (ApprovedBy and ApprovalDate), and possibly replace the ApprovedBy field with some text like "Requires reapproval."


I can't get anything to work.  Here's the basic script:


If [Activity::ModificationTimeStamp > Activity::ApprovalTimeStamp]

   Set Field [Activity::ApprovedBy; ""]

   Set Field [Activity::ApprovalDate; ""]

End If


I used the Set Field function rather than Clear function as previous advice on this forum recommended that.


I tried it on both OnObjectModify and OnObjectSave, and nothing.


What am I doing wrong?