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    Timestamp Script?



      Timestamp Script?


            Hi all,

           I have a "Letters Menu" layout which has various text links to different letters which I have a created using merge fields.  What I would like to do is (and I'm not sure if it's the right way to go about it so open to suggestions) when a person clicks the link for letter 1, and the letter then opens, once they hit print I would like it to put a timestamp in a field located next to the Letter 1 link on the "Letters Menu"


           Thanks for the help as always!

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               You should have the 'Print' operation be scripted and driven by a 'Print' button you create on the layout.  At the end of the script you can add a Set Field step, where you set the field value to be Get (CurrentTimeStamp).

               This will not work if the user just selects File - Print, as that will bypass the script.  If you have FM Advanced ytou can modity the menu to remove Print, but you will then have to have a Print button for every time the user would print.  (Though not a bad idea, as it saves them having to do the right page orientation, sorts, etc beforehand, or even selecting the correct layout to print.)

               Also, if this is a multi-user file then one person's timestamp will over-write the previous person's.

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                 If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can install a modified menu where selecting Print from the Print menu or using its keyboard shortcut performs your print script--making this all transparent to the user--they think that they are printing like they always do, but your timestamp field is magically updating each time that they do.