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Timestamp When a Field's Value is Changed

Question asked by CraigRozelle on May 7, 2012
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Timestamp When a Field's Value is Changed


I have a field entitled "job_status" in a form called "Work Order" with a radio button set that includes the following options:

(1) "Unassigned"

(2) "Pending Job Start"

(3) "In-Process"

(4) "Work Completed"

(5) "Invoiced"

(6) "Closed"

This field will be changed as the project progresses from 1 to 6. I have created timestamp fields to correspond to each of the 6 statuses. I would like a timestamp to automatically populate when the user selects each of the statuses. For example, the default value is "Unassigned." When the user changes that status to "Pending Job Start," I would like the corresponding timestamp field to populate at the moment of that change. The purpose of all of this is to be able to report on SLA's.

I'm sure this is a fairly routine use case, but I'm struggling with how to make the timestamp work. If there is a better way to structure the whole thing, I'm open to any ideas.