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Timetable puzzle, looking for ideas

Question asked by appt on Nov 7, 2013
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Timetable puzzle, looking for ideas


     With the number of students in my school bringing iPads increasing daily I am looking at designing a database to replace the paper diary that they get issued with. 

     First on the list would be a timetable layout.

     But, our timetable works on a 6 day rotation. The first day of term 1 might be a Wednesday, for the timetable it would be Day 1. The following Wednesday would therefore be day 6 with Thursday then being Day 1. 

     I can see how to create a simple timetable so that students know what they have on each day but I'm struggling to see how I can get the system to look at a date and state which 'Day' it is without creating a record for every school day in the whole year. 

     I know it can be done as the school management system brings up your timetable/classes each day on my laptop.