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Timing Calculation Issue

Question asked by JonathanKennedy on Jul 23, 2012
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Timing Calculation Issue


I have just started building a database again(built one for a former company in 2006) and I am having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. So any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

I will apoligize in advance for miss use of terms so please bare with me...

I am building a tracking form in the field of transportation. 

This what I would like to be able to do: 

I would like to be able to figure out total time elapsed from departure to arrival in two sperated records. 

Example: Record 1 

Item A depart at 12:00PM

Records 2-6 are created for Items B-F 

All which depart between say 12:10PM and 1:00PM at various times

Record 7 is created when Item 1 Returns at 1:30PM

I would like my Roundtrip Field to automatically calculate the time between when Item A (in record 1) left and when Item A returned in record 7. 

I hope this makes sense. If not I will try to explain it better. 

I have already be able to figure out TimeBetween Item A departure and Item B arrival by using This equation: TimeBetween: ArrivalTimeStamp - GetNthRecord ( DepartureTimeStamp ; Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 )