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Question asked by tays01s on Aug 5, 2014
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     I want to summarise activities times. There are 3 related tables: Person < Date < Activities. The Activity times and their summary are shown in a portal on the Person layout. 2 questions:

     1. I have the portal records in reverse, ie. Latest record at the top. The fields in the portal are as expected except the summary field. I have one of these fields to summarise time for each particular activity. Oddly each time eg. Activity A gains an extra time the summary field increments correctly, but it does this in ascending order, rather than descending order of the portal records.

     2. From the daily summary fields I'll like to do custom summaries by 'person' and by 'date'. Should I make a custom 'summary' field that calculates based on: a) a checkbox value list of person(s) & b) a case/if calc of date between a start and end date? Or is there a better way?