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Tiny pie charts!??!

Question asked by arashayrom on May 27, 2013


Tiny pie charts!??!


     Hello all,

     I'm using FMP 12.0v4 on OSX, and running into a pie chart issue. I am new to FMP, but not new to software :)

     I've placed a pie chart in my footer in a layout I've created from scratch, and the pie chart itself is tiny. Not the entire pie graph box, mind you, but the very pie itself. My font for the legend and labels is 14 pt., and the chart is smaller than that. About the diameter of a pencil eraser or a green pea, if you will, on a 24" monitor.

     I've tried turning various labels on and off, and repositioning the box, but nothing. This is with only 3 records.

     I have a popup with about a dozen choices, and the pie chart is a "count" of the various options. Under "slice data" in the chart options window, I have the following calculation: Count ( Goals::CoreValue; ) where CoreValue is the popup and Goals is the table it's taken from.

     Did I mess things up, or is this a bug?

     Thanks for any help!