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Tip: Campus Productivity Kit  runtime downloads

Question asked by davidanders on Mar 3, 2012


Tip: Campus Productivity Kit  runtime downloads


Today I found a runtime from Filemaker in 2007 that does not seem to be available from Filemaker, any longer.
The "Campus Productivity Kit" is available as a FMP Runtime at many sites
The Windows "Campus Productivity Kit" Runtime -
The Mac OS X "Campus Productivity Kit" Runtime -

If you download one of the runtimes, you can change the extension on the "CPK_Runtime.USR" (1.82Mb) to "CPK_Runtime.fp7" and open it in Filemaker with full access. It is well designed and worth looking at.  The runtime can be put on a USB Flash Drive and run on library or school computers without a problem.  I found it while searching for FMP runtimes to test a USB PortableApp setup.


David Anders
The Computer Guy, Seattle