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    Title created for new database file



      Title created for new database file


      I just happened to notice during some printing tests that apparently FM assigns a title to a file when it is created, based upon the filename. Is that correct?

      Problem is, this solution's filename has been changed since the file was created, but I cannot locate where in FM the title is created/stored so that I can change it (or at least delete it).


      Thank you for any tips.



      FMP10 Advanced on Mac OS X 10.6.2

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          Thank you, comment. I never would have pulled up that entry searching for "title" -- even though Preview's Inspector refers to it as such.


          Quite a cumbersome workaround if one wants to, for example, issue uniquely-named but otherwise identical files to multiple users/customers. Oh, well...


          Thanks again.


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            From that article: "In addition, performing a recover on the file (File menu > Recover) will also resolve this issue and display the proper file name."


            Yikes! That's not a "fix" I'd recommend!


            Hmm, can't test this as I don't have access to OS X, but wouldn't "Save a copy as" be a way to fix this and be much safer than recover not say more convenient than taking the copy to windows and printing it? (Assuming it works, of course.)

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              Definitely I agree. You and others here have stressed caution often enough regarding the Recover option that I was not about to touch that one. I did try the more benign approach, and it seemed to work fine -- even "printing" to Acrobat Distiller as a PDF file instead of a making a physical printout. And it occurs to me that the "original" filename could be chosen as something universally okay, and then subsequent copies could be renamed as desired, even under OS X.


              Good suggestion about Save A Copy As, but unfortunately it doesn't take care of it. The original name persists, just as with doing a simple OS-level name change.



              As an added note, a search for "filename" returns a similar bulletin stating that OS X strips the original filename when saving a clone; e.g., "ABC.fp7" gets cloned as "Clone.fp7" instead of "ABC Clone.fp7". Pretty nasty if you happen to be cloning more than 1 or 2 files. But I just tested that, too, and it seemed to work properly. Maybe something took care of it when Snow Leopard was released(?).