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Title Footer

Question asked by RobinNeeves_2 on Jul 29, 2012
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Title Footer


I would like some help please,

I have created a form with Title Header, Body, Trailing Grand Summary, Footer and Title Footer.

The Title Header is used for Address, the Body is used with a Portal for product they very in quantities, Trailing Grand Summary is used to list totals of the product listed in the Portal, Footer is used for page numbering and the Title Footer is used to show terms and conditions.

If the products fit on one page all is OK, If there are to many products to fit the Trailing Grand Summary moves to the next page so I end up with the Trailing Grand Summary moving below the Title Footer, I thought the Title Footer was the last thing to be printed.

So I need the text in the Title Footer to be at the bottom of the last page and the Trailing Grand Summary to be directly below the Body.