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    Title Footer interferes with Title Header



      Title Footer interferes with Title Header


      I have a layout that was utilizing a Title Header big enough to take up a single page. I have a body that is also the size of a single page, displayed in list view so that each page gets one record. This works perfectly. However, when I add a Title Footer to the layout, intending on it displaying on the final page, when I go into preview mode the ONLY thing I see at the top is the Title Footer. The Title Header disappears! When I remove the Title Footer, the Title Header comes back. Any ideas?

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          Even if that worked, a Title Footer appears on the first page, not the last.

          I can think of two less than perfect options for putting in data to only appear on the last page if you restrict your report to a single layout:

          Add the final page in a trailing grand summary layout part.

          Set up the data/text in the footer for both regular and last page, but use conditional formatting or "hide object when" settings to control which text appears at the bottom of a given page.