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    Title for Field



      Title for Field


           I'm sure this is very simple, so please forgive me, but I'm not sure how to do this:

           On the Starter Layouts I've noticed that though a field is called "Customer", when you first open that layout it shows a title in the field that says "New Customer".

           1)How is this accomplished?

           2) I would like to be able to do the same thing with multiple fields in one layout, Is this possible?

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               The Invoices starter solution has the company field set up with this auto-enter calculation:

               If ( IsEmpty ( Self ) ; "New Customer" ; Self )

               You can easily copy and paste this into the specify calculation dialog for different fields without having to edit anything pasted to get it to work.

               But you can also put "New Customer" as layout text located on top of the field. You can then use:

               Not IsEmpty ( Table::Field ) // you have to use the actual name of the field here instead of self.

               in a conditional format expression to change the font size to 120 points or larger to make the text invisible when there is data entered into the field. This can be a better option when your layout design permits entering the data directly instead of selecting from a value list.

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                 Wow! That was fast.

                 Thanks for the answer. Yes, of course, auto-enter calculation. I also appreciate your "Going the Extra Mile"  with the better option answer.

                 Thanks again.