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      Title Headers & Title Footers


           Can you please help,

           I am using Title Header that prints only on first page, this is OK. But when I use Title Footer it also prints on first page, I need it to print on the last page only how can I do this

           Regards & thanks


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               Title footers do exactly what they were designed to do: They print on the first page.

               You have two options, both of which may not do exactly what you would prefer:

               Use a trailing grand summary for this "last page" data. This is easy to add to your layout and will appear on your last page, but not in the footer, it will appear immediately below the last record. But with some layout designs/user requirements, that may be sufficient for what you need.

               Use unstored calculation fields and/or conditional formatting to change what data/text appears in the footer when it's the footer for the last page. Fields placed in the footer will use data from the last record on that page when you print or preview the layout. (This will not be the case when in Browse mode.) And Get (foundcount ) = Get ( RecordNumber ) might be used to identify the case where this is the last record in the found set you have included in your report.