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To Add Previous Balance

Question asked by JavedulHaq on Jan 26, 2014
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To Add Previous Balance


     Hi, Here is a simple db of a ice cream company. I would like to explain it first.

     Malai, Fruity, dip etc. are Items name.

     Quantity = Number of items

     Return = Number of items which are not sold.

     Balance = Quantity - Balance

     Retail Price = Rates

     Sub Total = Balance * Retail Price for each item.

     and .............................

     Sub Sale = Sum of Sub Total

     Cash/Adv = Amount salesman takes from company for any need.

     Current Sale = Sub Sale + Cash/Adv

Prev. Balance = Balance of previous day ( Last Rec of same salesman). Here is the problem.

     Total Sale = Current Sale + Prev. Balance

     Paid Amount = Amount paid by sm.

     and Balance = Total Sale - Paid Amount.

     Every thing is fine except "Prev. Balance because I couldn't add it automatically. I go to last Rec. gets Balance ant enter here. What i want is that Prev. Balance should be entered automatically. I also used summary of Balance but it gives value of all records. Please help me.