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    to anchor buoy this , what shall i do?



      to anchor buoy this , what shall i do?


      Hey Guys & Gals;


      got a question for anyone really, THis relationship stuff, planning before hand is tough. 
      Now that i am in the implementation, i need to know how i can do anchor buoy for my current setup but i dont want to confuse myself too much.


      current system has

      customer -||order----||LINES || --||Attributes-----Products ----||Lines


      i actually have everything working, except for payments, shipping, end of day procedure, reporting.


      BAse system is what i am trying to accomplish first.


      any ideas??



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          I'm not sure that I understand your request fully.

          Basic relationships, as shown in your relationship graph (This does not exactly match what you posted in text format), appear to be:


          With anchor buoy though, you will recast these basic relationships any number of times to set up what is needed for layouts based on different occurrences of these tables, including occurrences of only the tables needed for that layout. The above setup is how you would set this up for a layout to customers where you also want to display data from these other tables. A layout based on orders would look like this:

              v                           v
              |                           |
           OrderCustomers       OrderAttributes


          And so forth.