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    To Buy or not to Buy



      To Buy or not to Buy


      We are looking for a management system, we are a management business predominantly in the Print sector although we do supply a whole host of print and marketing related products. We need to record all our business actions, to include recording enquiries, submitting request for prices from supplier base, raising purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, job sheets, stock control, client estimates and order acknowledgements. We have a large client base and supplier data base, we run an aging MIS system but need to up date.

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          If you are asking whether or not you should purchase Filemaker Pro from Filemaker Inc, then be aware that you are evaluating a tool for creating a database. It does come with some templates, but you won't likely find one that precisely meets the needs you describe without a fairly extensive re-design at the least. If you are prepared to create your own database solution, then continue on with your evaluation (filemaker offers a free trial down load you can use for evaluation purposes.)


          If not, then you'll need to search for a solution provider who can provide a ready made solution (in Filemaker or some other database application) or a consultant willing to create a database customized to your specific requirements.

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               Thank you for your info,we do not have the resource to build templates and the like, so will look for a more taylored solution, Sage have quoted us circa 17k for a CRM solution. It is a mine field when trying to evaluate the value of these software products. Again thanks for your reply.
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              Howdy Humpo5,


              As you shop around, you may want to include FileMakerPro developers on your target list (as opposed to Filemaker software).  Since you don't have the resources to build it yourself, your real purchase would be the expertise/time to build the application, not the program platform it's built on.


              Not knowing the in's and out's of your company, but having been exposed to so many others, your company likely has it's own way of doing things, rating things, managing information, streamlining data, etc.  A "tailored" solution is thus likely going to involve customization on whatever platform you choose, prepackaged or not...so choose between customizers (developers) rather than between software platforms.


              Off-the shelf = easy but inflexible

              FMP (and other platforms) = customizable to the nth degree, but must be built from scratch.  An experienced developer will have his/her own templates already set up from previous jobs to shorten the design time and lower the end cost.


              Choose the developer well, and ask yourself, "At the end of the day, do I really care what program is running my app, or simply that the app does what I need it to do?"


              My two cents,  Hope it's helpful.