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TO DB fields grayed out.

Question asked by mfl666 on Aug 14, 2012
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TO DB fields grayed out.



I have a slight issue.

I have 2 DB's - A and B.

DB "B" contains a table "STYLES".

DB "A" contains a TO of STYLES.

I run  a script in DB "A" that does a refresh of images from STYLES because we have users that work in windows and others that work on a MAC.

The refresh script changes the image path depending on which system they are on.

I was having an issue with some images that don't get refreshed.

I looked at the TO for the fields and found that they were grayed out.

I am not sure why they are unavailable.

I thought that if I have a TO then all fields would be usable.

We are running FMA 12.2