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    To do List



      To do List


      Hello, i am working on Filemaker solution that has  to do list . here how it should work . 

      01. User can see what are the actions he should do in next 7 days  and all actions he did in past.

      What i did.

      I create field called (Today)  and used function called Get Today then create another field called todayplus7 and GetAsDate(Today+7). for a instance Today is 25th of January then Today+7 will be 31st of January. 

      Now I manually enter to find mood and enter this "< 1/31/2012" and perform find , that works perfectly well.


      But when i try to make it to script that does not working. 
      Please refer the snap shot




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          There are several problems in your script.

          1) You are using Enter Find Mode (Restore) which will use whatever find settings inside that step. Delete it and use an Enter Find mode with no restore.

          2) Use Set Field rather than paste and set your lead filter into a $_variable using Set Variable.


          Pseudo Code

          Set Variable $_filter to xxx

          Set Variable $_date_range to today & "..." & today + 7

          Enter Find Mode (NO restore)

          Set Field Lead Owner to $_filter

          Set Field Action Due to $_date range


          Perform Find