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    To do lists for each project



      To do lists for each project


      Clueless on this one! I'd like to have a to-list for each project (there are LOTS). Each project will have many to-do's, and I can't predict them all, so it seems crazy to use a value list, or multiple value lists. Suggestions? I'd like to just type in the to-do on a panel in my tab control section, have it show up as, say, a radio button or something I can check off each item, and every day pull up a list of to-do's by project.  Thoughts?

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          Use a related table and a portal for your to do list. Each record in this table would be one task.

          First define an auto-entered serial number field in your projects table if you do not already have one. Update existing records with a serial number in this field by using Replace Field contents to assign them serial numbers and this tool can update the next serial value setting on the field at the same time so that the next new project record gets the next number in the series to avoid two records with the same number in this field. We'll call this field: ProjectID.

          Now define at least these fields in the new Tasks table:


          Define this relationship and enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for the tasks table in this relationship:

          Projects::ProjectID = Tasks::ProjectID

          Now place a portal to Tasks on a Projects layout and you can assign tasks to each project. You can format Task Status as a check box field with a value list of 1 as it's only value. You can resize the field to conceal the 1 so that you have a check box you can click to check off the task and click again to clear it (if you mistakenly check if off and then need to correct the error). TaskName can be a drop down list if you want. That way you can put frequently assigned tasks in your value list, but still be able to type in tasks unique to that project without having to add them to your value list.

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            That's great, thanks so  much! 

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               it's set up, but I've done something wrong as I can't enter data. The new To DO table showed up as an option to put in the portal, and I put each field in, so far so good. Using the value of 1 for the check box worked. Yet I can't access/input anything into the portal table when I'm in Browse mode. I haven't used a portal before, FYI. Wish I could attach screen shots, but don't know how in an answer to a post. Thanks!

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                Remember this instruction? "Define this relationship and enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for the tasks table in this relationship."

                Open Manage | database | relationships and double click the line linking these two tables. Click the "Allow creation..." checkbox on the Task side of the relaitonship and you'll be able to add task records directly in the portal.

                PS. Portals are very common in FileMaker databases. In over 10 years, I can't recall creating a single database, since portals were a newly added feature in version 3, where I didn't use portals. It would be a good idea to look up this feature in FileMaker Help and/or any FileMaker training/reference materials that you have in order to familiarize yourself with their features and function.

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                   That did it. I DID do that the first time, but then I switched from a duplicate Project table to my original and forgot that part. YOU ROCK! Thanks!