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    To Kiosk or Not Kiosk



      To Kiosk or Not Kiosk


           Hi There,

           I have a solution which is a duplicate of what an employee would see on the machine in the factory. It's too noisy in the factory to train people so instead the trainee can press the popover buttons to practice getting the right solution without destroying raw materials.

           However when I try to set it up as a runtime solution it still shows the status and menu items which I don't want to show.

           When I try to turn it into a kiosk mode it won't allow the user to press any of the popover buttions and pops up a window that says, "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action."

           Is there a way to have a runtime solution which hides or locks away the status and menu options and yet still allow someone to use the popover buttons?

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               Better check your settings in Manage | Security.

               As a test, I created a simple file with 2 fields and placed one inside a popover frame.

               I then used Manage | Security to enable the guest account and used File Options to auto-log in to the guest account instead of the admin account (so that file would open in Kiosk mode.)

               I then closed the file and use FileMaker advanced 13.0v3 to create a Kiosk Runtime.

               When I opened the file, it opened in Kiosk mode and I was able to click the popover button and open the popover with no error messages.

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                 Thanks PhilModJunk,

                 That's what I needed and it now works fine...

                 ...except for one little thing.

                 How do I get it to run on the iPad?

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                   You don't need run times to run a FileMaker Database file on the iPad. Go to the App store and download the free FileMaker GO app and then a regular FileMaker file--either copied to it or hosted from a computer using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server can be opened and used by the iPad user.

                   And you can use Filemaker Advanced to set up a file as "Kiosk" without making it a runtime. You can read how in FileMaker Help.

                   But keep in mind that many layouts need to be redesigned for optimum use with the smaller screen and "touch interface" of an iPad. And designing in layouts that automatically adjust to exploit the window resize that takes place when an iOS device is rotated is also an important way to exploit the limited area of an iOS device's screen.

                   While this link is specific to iPHones, many of the techniques describe here also can be used for iPad layouts: An Old Dog learns some new tricks...

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                     Hi PhilModJunk,

                     I have the material but I must be missing something. I already have Filemaker Go but when I upload the version which is not in Kiosk mode it shows the Status and Menu bars, which I don't want.

                     I thought I had to make a Kiosk version which eliminates the Status and Menu bars.

                     When I try to use the Developer Tools to make a Kiosk mode without selecting a runtime version, it lets me press OK, but I can't find that version.

                     What am I doing wrong?

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                       That first sentence should read:

                  I have read the material but I must be missing something.

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                         I'm not sure. What you describe is the correct approach--create a Kiosk version but don't specify that it be created as a run time. Then open your file on the iPad with a limited access password and it should appear in Kiosk Mode.

                         I was able to do this a while back, but I remember that I had to carefully read the instructions in FileMaker help and then try this more than once before I figured out all the correct details. My memory isn't good enough to provide those details now, but perhaps a review of the steps in Help might clear this up?

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                           Hi PhilModJunk,

                           OK, I took your advice and re-read the material.  Turns out that it had created the file so when I set it up in a new directory it worked perfectly.

                           Thanks again.