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    to merge or not to merge with commas


      to merge or not to merge with commas


      I want to be able to display the three address fields I have (House name, Town, Postcode) to appear like this:
      House name, Town, Post code.
      If I do merged fields for this it works fine. ( <>, <>, <> ) (field names go between the <>)

      However, In some records, there is no Town in the field so I end up with a House name, , Post code and this looks wrong. How can I add the commas only if the field has an entry?
      The other problem I am having with this, is that this merged field is part of a line of customer details in a list view, and I have an option for the user to find records based on any of the field entered for a search. I would like the address fields to be used as search fields but as they are merged fields, this cannot be done. As I want commas between these fields then I cannot display the fields as fields, only as merged...
      I have seen the Core 2 invoice solution and i want my list to look and work like theirs but unsure how to do it..
      Many thanks