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To Portal or not to Portal

Question asked by luciano991 on Apr 15, 2014
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To Portal or not to Portal


     Hello all,

     I am a new user of FileMaker Pro 13. I have completed a 10+ hour course in FMP12 on which I highly recommend for new users. 

     I have searched the forum and Google for articles and posts of interest on, dare I say it, creating a file for a Medical Practice. I have found some good information there. And one thing that people seem to say a lot is that a specific question is easier to respond to than a general "how to from start to finish" question. So here goes. I have a question.

     First of all, my client's needs are simple so a commercial solution would be overkill.

     So first I created a table for Patients. It's got the usual stuff in it. 

     Then I created a table for Visits which simply has date of visit, length of visit and a large box field for notes.

     I figured one patient can have many visits. So I created a one to many relationship between patients and visits.

     Now I figure creating a new patient record is easy. Go to the Patients Layout (based on the Patients table) and simply create a new record. But visits are another story.

     So to create a new visit, I figure I would have to create a layout based on the Visits Table, put in the Visits table fields  and include the fields from the Patients table. So would I just drag those patient fields into the layout or would I create a portal to the Patients table to create a new visit?

     And if I may be permitted one follow up question, how could I add a new patient from this Visits based layout?

     There. Two simple questions. How did I do?

     All the best,