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    To put the same image in every record



      To put the same image in every record


      I am working on my first project in Filemaker and would like to know how to leave the same image inside a container on every record in the databse?


      Thanks for any help.



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          You need to make the container field a global field. Global fields have the same value for every record and you only need to store the image once which cuts down on file size too.


          To set a field up as a global, go into database defs and click Options>Storage and check the box Use Global Storage...


          Now insert your image and it will display in every record! Ta da!


          Note: When you open your file you normally need to reset globals as they clear out, so you will need to store your image in a regularly stored field and use it to set your global in an opener script. 



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            Nothing wrong with the global field approach but...


            If this is a database that is hosted over a network, your global fields will behave differently than if it's a single user DB. You can still use this technique, but you'll want to insert this image into the global on the host machine (if hosting from FMP) or take it down off the server, open it in FMP, insert the image and then put it back up on the server (if hosting from filemaker server). That's because changes made to a global field from a client machine won't be visible to other users and will revert back when the user quits fmp.


            Two other options:

            1. Simply place the image on the layout instead of in a global field.
            2. Place the image in a record in a related table (you only need the one record in this table) and use the cross product (X) operator instead of (=) to link your main table to this related table. (The cross product operator is a "match all values" symbol.)
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                 Nice alternative... I would have never thought of that! I like