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To tally votes

Question asked by MehrdadBastan on Apr 13, 2013
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To tally votes


     Can anyone suggest a solution that can tally some votes using FM pro

     Here is our voting procedure

     We have 100 people in the community, they are all eligible to vote and to be voted for.

     We need the top nine people to be chosen for serving on the council. What we can do is to have few people open up the ballets which contains the name of the 9 people selected. The ballets should not have repeated name or anything less/more than 9. The votes that can not be read is called spoiled vote which the other eight names are still good. The ballets that has 10 or 8 votes are called spoiled ballet and none of the names on it would be good.

     I need a solution that would contain the name of all contacts  and each contact has vote 1, vote 2, vote 3, vote 4, vote 5, vote 6, vote 7, vote 8, vote 9

     A quick way to find someone and add their votes to the database &

     at the end after the voting is done a script to tell us who has the majority votes.

     I hope that make sense.