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TOG specifically for conditional value lists

Question asked by JasonO'Berry on May 15, 2013
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TOG specifically for conditional value lists



     i'm having a hard time finding a concrete answer for some filemaker theory. Can I safely create a group of table occurrences to be used specifically for conditional value lists, possibly to be used on multiple layouts and even unrelated TO's. 

     i try to keep my relationship graph as clean as possible with the anchor-buoy method.  An example would be:

     customer ---< job---< invoice----< line iitems


     InvoiceVL ---< line itemsVL -to be used for diminishing value list perhaps with possible additional TO's for desired results.

     can I use this relationship for a value list and use it on a field in a portal on the invoice layout to Line Items, without having unexpected or wrong results .

     It seems like they should be related to the working Table Occurence Group, but at the same time, since the values are based on a group of tables that are designed to get these values only it seems like they shouldn't have to be related.  

     I'd  appreciate some clarification, thanks.