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    Toggle script for individual field



      Toggle script for individual field


           The objective is to create a field that toggles (with a mouse click) between a character (preferably always X) and null (or blank).  [The representation of checkboxes in SQL Server is cumbersome to work with in SQL.]

           The reference (included below) seems close to this spec, but I am unable to get it to work.  A solution for the error in the attached .jpg or some alternate script would be appreciated.


           [FM Pro 12 Acvanced]

           [S Chamblee - thanks for the solution (border) last night.]


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               Your screen shot is clipped such that we can't see all that's on the left, but what I can see suggests that the [] are the wrong thing to use here as this is how you refer to a specific repetition in a repeating field (like an array index) and what you have inside the brackets is an expression that will return text.

               And if you want the tableoccurrencename::fieldName reference for the currently active field, use: Get ( activeFieldTableName ) & "::" & Get ( ActiveFieldName )

               But I don't see a reason in your original text why you would not just format a field to have a check box format instead of some more complex approach. A check box field can be set with a single value: 1 and resized to hide the 1 so that all is shown is the check box. Clicking it enters a 1. Clicking it again clears the 1.