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    toggle sort



      toggle sort


           FM 12 Adv. I’m trying to find a script that will toggle the sort between ascending and descending,depending on what the current sort is.

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               IF [$$Sort = "Ascending" ]
                  #Sort in descending order
                  Sort Records [ restore ; no dialog ]
                  Set Variable [$$Sort ; value : "Descending" ]
                  #Sort records in ascending order
                  Sort Records [Restore ; no dialog ]
                  Set Variable [$$Sort ; value; "Ascending" ]
               End If

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                 Set Varriable [ $$sort ; Value: not $$sort ]
                 If [ $$sort ]
                    Sort Records [ Restore ; No dialog ] // Ascending
                    Sort Records [ Restore ; No dialog ] // Descending
                 End If
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                   Neat solution! only 6 steps. I've already adopted it for my solution.  How did you manage to comment the Sort Records script step? That's something I haven't been able to figure out.

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                     That comment could only be done here in the forum, not in the script editor.

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                  Hi philmodjunk,


                  I have benefited from so many of your posts here but never taken the time to comment. I just want to thank you profusely for invariably coming up with clean, simple solutions and explaining them beautifully. This sort toggle is yet another case in point.


                  All the best and many, many thanks!