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Toggle Text Color on Button Click

Question asked by BerndRummel on Jan 4, 2012
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Toggle Text Color on Button Click



I am trying to issue a script for toggling text color of a field on a click of a button. While the below shown Set Field TextColor script does work to change the text color, the toggling IF/Else script does not work, i.e. is wrong and I did find no other logical/get function to fix this:


If [MANAGER::ACTION = RGB (0 ; 0 ; 0)]

  Set Field [MANAGER::ACTION ; TextColor (MANAGER::ACTION ; RGB (255;0;0)]


  Set Field [MANAGER::ACTION ; TextColor (MANAGER::ACTION ; RGB (0;0;0)]

End If


How can I fix this script or replace it with something that works to toggle a field text color?

Thanks and best regards, Bernd