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too many .pdfs open in database container fields?

Question asked by MatthewGlass on Jan 22, 2013
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too many .pdfs open in database container fields?



     I have been building a database of legal cases, each record containing 3 textt files saved as PDFs. The PDFs are stored in container fields, and a button with a script lets them open up for full-screen reading. I thought I was was sailing, but now get a message, when in browse/table mode, that I already have the maximum number of files open, and that "no other files can be opened or printed until some are closed." I have 50 or so of these container fields in place, and need at least another 50 to complete the project.

     What am I doing wrong? I save the PDFs in an interactive field, they open fine, but maybe I am not storing them correctly?

     Any feedback welcomed.