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    Too many characters message



      Too many characters message


      I have a layout which includes mostly text fields collecting name, address and other information.  Enter data into each field and when clicking on a tab within the layout to enter more information get a message that one of my fields has too many characters and no data saved.  

      I entered my data into that one specific field and it saved.  When I went back to enter my other information such as name and address, it stated that there were too many characters in the State field.  

      Is there a character limit on each record created?

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          No but there can be character limits set on the field. Are you entering a state name in a field that has a limit of just two characters for the standard state abbreviation?

          You can check this by going to Manage | Database | Fields and double clicking the field definition for State, then click the validation tab and see if it is limited to two characters or some such.

          You may not see such an error message when you first exit the field, but instead, the validation kicks in when the record is comitted (saved) to the database which can be after you edit data in several more fields and then click the background of the layout or navigate to a different layout.