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Too many companies for a drop down menu issue

Question asked by JenwaBeaupre on Mar 23, 2012
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Too many companies for a drop down menu issue



I'm attempting to use the business productivity kit invoice maker where contacts, products and invoices are all together (on Filemaker Pro 10).

My issue is that once I get to make an invoice, I have SO MANY (1000+) companies that the drop down menu for "Bill To:" freaks out. Understandably. I tried going into Edit Layout and changing the drop down menu to Edit Box but this doesn't seem to work.  It just leaves a number 2 in the field and when I try to type a name in... it suggests I hit Tab.Clearly I'm missing something.

Ideally, I would like to just start typing in the company name and have it kind of narrow down the company instead of having this massive drop down menu. Can anyone walk me through this? I just started using this today and I'm pretty good with computers but the lingo is a bit new.

Or does anyone know where I can find info on this?  Googling this issue is of noooo help because its so vague and i don't know the jargon.