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    too many employees making filemaker slow



      too many employees making filemaker slow




      We run a business with around 10 sales staff all accessing filemaker server in our office all day at the same time for quotes, purchase orders, etc etc, and we are all getting beachballs (time delays) on our macs, which is slowing the business down.


      Does anyone have any tips that may speed things up, as i am quite new to this. Much appreciated. 

      We have a mac G5 with 4gb memory as a server, and are all using imacs with 2gb memory, some staff have fm8 some have fm9, the server is fm server 8. 

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          I'm not sure that I have a solution for you but I do have some questions. First of all 10 employees shouldn't be a problem for Filemaker Pro Server.


          My Questions:

          1. You gave us the hardware cofiguration (FMP server and clients) but how is the database configured? How many tables? Are there a lot of records in specific tables? Are your employees doing the same thing? (i.e. everyone is creating quotes) 

          2. The G5 running as the server, is there anything else running on that computer that might be competing for CPU cycles? 


          More details. 

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            hi, many thanks for getting back to me.


            We have 46 tables, with literally 1000's of records, and yes all staff are doing the same thing. Would this make it slower then?


            Regards, Dave


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                 oh and on the last point, the server only runs fm server, nothing else..
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                I'm not sure what is occurring internally with your database, so it is difficult to determine what is causing the slowdown.


                "pmconaway" is correct.  (Thank you!).  10 users should not be a problem.


                With 62 tables, how many are being updated when you add a record?  How many of those tables are being used on a consistent basis?  Are most things happening by scripts, and are any scripts taking longer than expected.  That is, could a script be waiting for a user to complete editing a record before continuing?   Where is the slowdown happening most of the time?


                If you run this locally in a single-user mode, is everything quick?  If you run it on server with one user, is it equally as quick?  If you add a second user, does this slow it down?


                Sorry for all the questions, but there are so many factors, and I'd like to narrow down the scope a bit.



                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                  hi, thanks for getting back to me..


                  only 1 is being updated at a time when we add a new record as all processes are done sequentially, about 4 of the tables are being used consistently. A lot of stuff (nearly all of it) is being done with scripts. When i run it locally, it is super quick, and when there are less staff in work, the system speeds up, what is weird, is if i restart the server, it goes quick for a while, but them cloggs up and slows down again, so i restart aNd begin the whole process over again, all day, about 4 times a day, but obviously in a busy office this is difficult, could i pay you to come to our office and check it out? do you offer site visits for problem solving?


                  Many thanks, Dave 

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                       With these amount of records there still shouldn't be a problem with speed. I have databases with 100,000s of records then I start noticing a single user slowdown.
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                         i wonder what the problem is then man? its driving me and all my staff mad...if we had internet and ethernet for around 10 people all running through a 10mb hub, would that alter the speed do you think?, should i separate internet from filemaker?
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                           If you are only updating a one table during the process, how many tables are referenced?  Also, what happens if you try this. After you notice the slowdown, have everyone exit FMP except one person. Have this person try create/modifiy a couple of records. Do things speed up?  This could be a quick test.
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                             Network traffic could cause problems but only if you are transfering large files across your network. So unless your entire office is streaming video or sending gigbyte files to each other I really don't think this is a problem. Does everything slowdown? (internet access, email and everything else not just FMP) If that is the case then it very well could be a network issue.
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                               TSGal, could this be a record contention problem?
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                              i really appreciate you trying to help me, thank you..


                              to be honest, its driving me mad like i said, i am looking for a fm expert i can pay to come here and look at the office set up, i dont suppose you know anyone?

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                                   i should also mention, that the bad time lapses happen when we are editing fields...
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                                     OK. The more you talk the more it sounds like a design issue. Do you have a copy of FMP advanced? If so can you create a "Database design report" It is in the tools menu. It would give us a idea of the structure of your database solution. I take it from your posts that this was an inhouse development effort. Did you hire someone to create this?
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                                    Although this could be a record contention process, I am leaning more towards a cache setting and/or update cache setting.  The reason being is that you have to restart the computer four times a day, and after each time, things run faster for a while, until it starts bogging down again.


                                    I would start the Admin Console for Server, click on Configuration -> Database Server, and then click on the Database tab.  At the bottom of the screen, you will see "RAM reserved for database cache" and "Cache flush distribution interval".  


                                    "The RAM reserved for the database cache can speed up overall performance for a corectly designed database, especially if your server hosts large files or a large number of clients or files."  This is taken from the FileMaker Server 9 Help manual.  On our system here, which doesn't have many users, this is set to 64MB.


                                    Bento writes to the cache, and then the cache is flushed during X timeframe.  The default is one minute, and that is how we have it set up here.


                                    I would look at this first, and then if that doesn't work, then find out more about how many tables are being updated simultaneously, and if there is a possibility of accessing records at the same time.



                                    FileMaker, Inc. 

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