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Too many global fields...? Report globals? (FM10) - a bit OT.

Question asked by groovebox on Apr 8, 2009
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Too many global fields...? Report globals? (FM10) - a bit OT.


Greetings - this is a bit odd:



I am developing a solution so I created a template Table which I just copy/paste and then add specific fields for the Table I am working on. Nothing odd there.


But over time I have created about 20 Global fields which I generally use - eg: report_start_date, report_end_date and so on. Now of those fields I don't use them in EVERY Table.


So - is there any overhead in keeping those fields in EVERY Table if they are not used? I am guessing it is "no" but I have had issues in other database system (not FM) where unused variable/globals caused weird issues. (I am not going to be importing/exporting those Globals -I just create them to use in scripts.)



A series of globals I tend to use relate to scripting reports - "report_start_date, report_end_date and report_type" - again these are defined per table. I had heard that some people have a Developer Table and place the "report_start_date, report_end_date and so on" fields in there. I guess this is a personal issue and what feels good - but - are there any pro's and con's.


I hope the above makes some sense!