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Too Many Parameters....another solution?

Question asked by art_l on Jan 21, 2015
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Too Many Parameters....another solution?


I am working on an equation that has too many parameters and need a fresh look.  Anyone suggest another way? Here is the gist of what I am trying to do:

1f [(BoxA > 80 and BoxB< 90) AND If (ContainerA >120 and ContainerB<150);"Perfect";"not Perfect"]

I need to to get a range between two different groups to get a result.  I tried the IF statement above and get a TOO MANY PARAMETERS error.  I also need to nest 4 of these If statements in the equation to accommodate different ranges and results.

Is there another way?

==== EDITED ABOVE... should look like this======


1f [(BoxA > 80 and BoxA< 90) AND If (ContainerA >120 and ContainerA<150);"Perfect";"not Perfect"]