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Too many people? Add to waiting list

Question asked by misterg65 on Jun 18, 2011


Too many people? Add to waiting list


I'm asking this for a colleague, so forgive me if it loses a bit in translation.

We have specialised music classes at our school, limited to a very small number. What we want to do is have a way of showing an interest in the class (eg Guitar lessons), perhaps via a checkbox. If there are spaces left the student is allocated one automatically. If there are no spaces left the student transfers to a waiting list. As a space becomes available the first name on the waiting list is allocated that place in the class.

It seems like this would be something Filemaker is ideally suited for - almost like stock monitoring with automatic ordering when supplies drop below a certain level! It's just that I have no experience in this sort of thing, so I said I would ask the experts

Thanks in advance