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    Tool Tip calculation



      Tool Tip calculation


      Hello to everybody,


      Kindly help me  with my calculation to my tooltip to populate my other fields


      I have a table name "Invoice" which contains the following fields


      1. Vendor

      2. Address

      3. Tel No.

      4. Fax No.


      and I have also a table "Vendors" which contains the following field


      1. Vendor Name

      2. Vendor Address

      3. Vendor Phone No.

      4. Vendor Fax No.


      Now, in the "Invoice" table I made a button with a tool tip calculation If (Invoice::Vendor =Vendors::Vendor Name = "Yes" ; "Click here to copy Vendors::Vendor Address to Vendors::Vendor Fax No.."; "") Can you help me with this calculation please.


      I have also a the following script for the button


      1. Set Field [Invoice::Address; Vendors::Vendor Address]

      2. Set Field [Invoice::Tel No.; Vendors::Vendor Phone No.]

      3. Set Field [Invoice::Fax No.; Vendors::Vendor Fax No.]

      4. Commit Records/Requests [Skip data entry validation; No dialog]



      Thank you very much.

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          You have a problem with this part of the expression:

          Invoice::Vendor =Vendors::Vendor Name = "Yes"


          This makes no sense.


          If you want test to see if the two fields to contain the same data use Invoice::Vendor =Vendors::Vendor Name


          If you want to test to see if both fields contain "yes" use Invoice::Vendor = "Yes" AND Vendors::Vendor Name = "Yes"