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           for some resion, when i open my new solution in brose mode, as a user, i cont use the toolbar.

           when i use it as a admin i can use the toolbar in brose mode.

           whay ?

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               What privileges did you specify for the user account. Did you, perhaps specify "minimum" in the "available menu commands" drop down when setting up the privilege set?

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                 im not shure i know where i can define privelige  

                 can you instract me?


                 thenk agen


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                   Is this a database you designed?



                        when i open my new solution in brose mode, as a user

                   mean that you have set up accounts and passwords in manage | Security?

                   If so, open your databae as admin, go to manage | Security, select the "user" account and click edit.

                   Then click the Edit button next to Privilege set.

                   In the dialog that now opens, you'll find the drop down I described in the lower right corner.