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    Tools>Developer Utilities



      Tools>Developer Utilities


      Just Upgraded from FM5 to FM10 ( By dragging the folder containing a 6 file relational DB, as suggested over the FM10 Icon)


      Correct me if I am wrong but in FM 10 Advanced... is the Tools>Developer Utilities not suppose to change file names and references within each file including Scripts, Field References within Define Fields, etc?   I have been trying to use this feature to know avail.


                -I first do as it suggest, (close the file) and then with FM running go to Tools>Developer Utilities Click on add(+)  file.

                -Next I rename the file and click the [CHANGE] button.

                -Select the Folder where the (Converted File) is suppose to go

                -Hit Create


      The file moves to the new folder, it appears to run and when I open the new file, none of the File reference are any different which causes errors being recognized by scripts, and it keeps asking me to locate files.   FRUSTRATION......  Help!


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             You seem to do exactly how you suppose to do. There must be something wrong with your installation of FileMaker Pro Advanced...
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            I reloaded FM Advanced as you suggested. Issues remain.  I don't know if something got corruped in the conversion from .FP5 files to the .FP7 (FM10) files or what. I tried it several more times after reloading the software to no avail.


            I was very mythodical about the re-install. Made sure that all FM program files were gone. Reinstalled from the CD. Restarted.... 



            I am beginning to thing this is a FM 10 Advanced  bug or something. Has anyone else experienced it?


            I hope someone from Filemaker will weigh in here?????

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              Thank you for your post.


              At this time, no problem has been reported with the Developer Utilities causing a problem with renaming a file.  I just tried doing this with a six file solution, and after I loaded all six solution files, I was able to change the name of one file and the information updated the references in the other five files.  Just make sure that all files are listed in the solution so when you change the name, it updates the name referenced across all the other files.



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                Thanks for your response. After thinking through this, I think the issue lies with the file conversion.  I too was able to do it with files created in FM10 (.FP7)   

                The issue stemed from taking files that had been coverted from FM 5 (.FP5) files, converting them and then trying to use the Developer Utilities.

                My solution (since time was a factor) was do it the old fashion way, print off relationships, scripts and formula's from all 6 files, take a highlighter and highlight and do much copy and pasting.


                Thank you for looking at this. Try doing it from a converted solution. I have run into several qurks with converted files. 





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                  I just had this error too.

                  FMPA 11.0v3

                  None of the file paths were converted.

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                    Just tried again with same result. A 26-file solution...

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                      Threads this old do not automatically appear in Recent Issues like they should. You may want to start a new thread for this and include a link to this thread in your initial post.

                      In what part of the system are you not finding the file name references changed? In Manage | External Datasources? In scripts? In calculations?

                      It might be helpful to know that so that others can take a closer look and try to replicate the problem. It also helps to post what Operating System you are using in case that is a factor.

                      Also are these brand new files or some converted from an older file format?