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Tools>Developer Utilities

Question asked by shedproductions on Jun 4, 2009
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Tools>Developer Utilities


Just Upgraded from FM5 to FM10 ( By dragging the folder containing a 6 file relational DB, as suggested over the FM10 Icon)


Correct me if I am wrong but in FM 10 Advanced... is the Tools>Developer Utilities not suppose to change file names and references within each file including Scripts, Field References within Define Fields, etc?   I have been trying to use this feature to know avail.


          -I first do as it suggest, (close the file) and then with FM running go to Tools>Developer Utilities Click on add(+)  file.

          -Next I rename the file and click the [CHANGE] button.

          -Select the Folder where the (Converted File) is suppose to go

          -Hit Create


The file moves to the new folder, it appears to run and when I open the new file, none of the File reference are any different which causes errors being recognized by scripts, and it keeps asking me to locate files.   FRUSTRATION......  Help!