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Tooltip - can tooltip text format be modified?

Question asked by dzittin on Jan 16, 2012
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Tooltip - can tooltip text format be modified?


Tooltips are a useful way to remind users what will happen before something is pushed, data entered, etc.

However, slightly long tool tips cannot be read easily for two reasons. Slightly long means about 10-15 words. The reasons:

  1. The tip duration is too small and it dissappears before the sentence can be read especially if the reader is not an expert user. The tip can be refreshed with a mouse move, but this is distracting.
  2. The text is too small for old eyes. Those much over 50 yrs will have a h*ll of a time deciphering the text.

Both of these facts render longer tool tips useless. I have looked in the manual to see if I can format or change duration, but I cannot find anything. Is there a way to do either/both of these?