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    Top 5 Portal with a Count Total



      Top 5 Portal with a Count Total


      I'm a newbie to filemaker, but have been able to get most of my questions answered by looking at other posts. However, I have the following issue which I cannot resolve. Consider the following example data  set:

      City, Type, Rate,

      Louisville, Ford, 10

      Louisville, Ford, 10

      Nashville, Pontiac, 9

      Nashville, Pontiac, 9

      Nashville, Chevy, 9

      Chicago, Chevy, 8

      Chicago, Honda, 8

      What I want to be able to display in my portal is the following info:

      Top Five City Based on Rate with a count of each unique Type in each city

      Rate, City, Count of Each Unique Record

      10, Louisville, 1

      9, Nashville, 2

      8, Chicago, 2

      I can do a join between Type and City, then mark the dupes to establish unique records, but to gather a count for each unique is proving to be difficult. Any suggestions?