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Top feature in customers layout

Question asked by ultranix on Feb 6, 2014
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Top feature in customers layout


     Hey, this might sound complex, but I will try to explain it anyway.

     I want to be able to assign "Top" feature to the certain prospect for a specific period of time until he 1) becomes a client 2) refuses to sign the agreement.

     How I see it happening (I just don't know how to make it happen) is:

     1) You go to the layout where prospect's general info is placed (name, last name, phone number, email, etc.)

     2) Click a button "Top", and then it performs a script that adds new record into the table "Top", where all the record of those prospects, who have been assigned "Top" are placed. I think it should be enough to have 3 fields: 1) id_client (field which matches the main table of prospects), 2) date(date, when Top feature was assigned) 3) active (if the feature is active or not).

     3) You are then able to create a new layout and see all the ACTIVE prospects with "Top" label for a certain date (i.e. when active field comes into play).

     4) When you want to remove "Top" label from the prospect, you go again to that main layout mentioned in the 1st point, click the button "Remove from Top" and then it (MAYBE???) should create another record in Top table with the date of deactivating Top feature, client ID, and active field = false. Of the last thing I'm not sure, though.

     That's how it should be. I just don't get how to achieve that "ACTIVE" functionality, because if I want to see who were the "Top" prospects for, let's say 2013-10-25, and most of them wouldn't have that status now, How to do that?

     I know my explanation may sound confusing, but I really need this feature in my database.

     So, basically, 3 things I need - 1) ability to active "Top" prospect, 2) ability to deactivate "Top" prospect and 3) ability to view all active "Top" prospects by any given date.