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    Top/bottom alignment



      Top/bottom alignment


           I have two issues I cannot resolve in top to bottom alignment of text within a field box. 1) When the field is a popup menu, the text aligns lower than other field boxes in spite of the center vertical settings being the same. 2) When a selection is made in the popup menu that exceeds the length of the field, what displays is two lines, even though there is not enough room. This pushes the first line up higher than the rest of the fields, and the second line cannot be entirely seen. I have looked for some type of setting that forces the box to display a truncation of the selection, but have not seen a way to do this. 

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               Can you show some screenshots of what is going on, or even put up a sample file--hard to try to decipher without a visual.

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                 Here is a screenshot which shows what happens when the text length exceeds the length of the box. 

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                   Here is a screen shot which shows the first field (which is a popup menu) does not align vertically with the other fields.

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                     I can't reproduce what you show in the second screen shot. See my attached image. What layout theme are you using? Is there any additional text--even a space or return after the "y" in company?

                     To keep the partially clipped text from showing as demonstrated in your first screen shot, you can try increasing the line spacing so that any data wrapped to a second row is not visible.

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                       Setting the line spacing to "2" does prevent the second line from showing, but it does not solve the top/bottom alignment issue. It puts the text high in the box, regardless of where the vertical alignment button is set.

                       Also, I checked to see if there were additional characters after the "y" in company and there are none.

                       The layout theme is semi-rounded river.

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                         I made a copy of the layout shown in my previous post and changed the theme to yours. It did not affect the results. I then experimented with different settings and data in the field to try to reproduce the results.

                         I found that I could produce what you show in one of two ways:

                         1) If there was a return in the field preceding the first letter and it was sized to a very small point size.

                         2) if the field had center or bottom alignment in the inspector's appearance tab instead of top alignment.

                         You might try using the field tool to add a new copy of this field to your layout to see if you get the same results.

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                           All right! Both problems solved. I did not think to try the top alignment setting--they were all set to center alignment. Many thanks.