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Total "Checks" per value in checkbox...

Question asked by jasonperl_1 on Apr 27, 2014
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Total "Checks" per value in checkbox...




     I have a database which I am tracking daily staff. I have a values list "Staff" with all of the names of employees and it populates a check box set for the field ("DailyStaff") so employees can be checked in each day they work. This system also tracks volunteers, who have a minimum number of days they must work which is the main reason I need total days worked per employee. I would like to set something up that will automatically total the number of days each employee has worked based on the information in the "DalyStaff" field and ideally it would just be a running total for all records.

     Before I had every employee entered as a separate field, with a separate summary field for each, but being that I am in a seasonal industry I decided to go the values list for simplicity but now I am stuck on the counting portion. Is there any way to get a count of days worked for each employee based on their checks on the values list?


     Values list = Employee 1, Employee 2, Employee 3

     If Employee 1 is checked three days and emp 2 is checked 2 days, and 3 hasn't worked, I would like a field that showed that information (emp 1 = 3, emp 2 = 2, emp 3 = 0).

     Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

     I have looked into the ValueCount and ValueList formulas, but I am not sure those are the right solution... Thanks again.