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Total feature [more info inside]

Question asked by ultranix on Jul 26, 2011
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Total feature [more info inside]


I am not very familiar with total functions vocabulary, so I am going to use my own terms to describe the situation, but I attach the screen and source file, so you could get the better idea.

Here's a thing. I have a list layout of teams and games.

1) I have leading grand summary part, in which i have total of games played.

2) I have sub-summary by year

3) then sub-summary by month

4) sub-summary by week

5) body part.

And here's a tricky part. I would like to have a trailing part after body, in which all unique teams will be placed (in the case, pictured in screen, there are 8 records of 4 unique teams) and total of games played (in this case, each team played 2 games)

so, it would look like this:


8 Clippers Los Angeles 2011-01-02                         98-107


1 Clippers Los Angeles 2 games

2 Jazz Utah                2 games

3 Raptors Toronto       2 games

4 Heat Miami              2 games




                    Week X (and so on)


As i have records summarized by week, I want this trailing total part to be after each week, not just after all records. How do i do that?

As i said, i included a file i'm working on, but it's not yet modified to have that functionality. If anybody (possibly, Phil?) could give me tips or even edit the file to have the described functionality, I would appreciate it.

Here's a file: