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    Total Materials Used Chart needed



      Total Materials Used Chart needed


      Hey chaps - I've adapted the Invoice Template DB to my own needs a little - and would like to pull some charting info out of it. 

      I have a plastic manufacturing company - and would like to know the amount of materials I use - totted up in graph form. 

      I have the line items table with products on it. Each product is made from a certain material and weighs a certain amount. I've got a materials table with information about them on it, but really I'd just like to know the total amount of materials used across a search - possibly with a button linking from the Invoices table. 

      Any ideas what sort of summarising/sorting I'll need to do here? I've made a 'product weight sum' on the line items table for the X axis on a bar graph and the material type on the Y axis, but I think this just ends up totalling the whole lot of products rather than breaking it down into different materials.

      Thanks in advance!