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Total Newbie and completely lost

Question asked by LearningCurve on Jan 13, 2010
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Total Newbie and completely lost


I downloaded the FM Pro 10 to see if this is something I could use with my company. 


I need to be able to do several things:

  1. Create a Database that will enable myself and others to data enter important information on a file (an online file system)
  2. Publish to the web to allow other individuals who have permission to view certain aspects of the files to do so
  3. Allow specific user groups upload necessary documentation
  4. Email the conversation Log/Status Update of the files to the people within that specific section

I got the format I would like, but that's about it.  :)  I am having problems "linking" the databases together to run smoothly.  I have multiple tabs in one database and each tab should be able to be "connected" with the File Info Page (I have attached a pic of the format I am working towards):







I hope these images aren't too big.


As you can see, I'm having problems "linking" the tables together to work together.  I am not sure if the tabs should be wholly different databases, linked together or what.


Sorry...I'm just all confused with all of this.


Any help would be appreciated...and the more detail you can give me, the better as I'm still in the beginner's corner.  :)


Thank you!!!