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Total newbie on a mission to organize my business

Question asked by higradeguy on Mar 25, 2010
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Total newbie on a mission to organize my business & appreciated.


Hey Folks,


I am sure this will be the start of nice long relationship with the forums.  I am in the process of making some changes in career and the way I organize (or not organize) depending on how you look at it.  Weapon of choice...filemaker pro. I have never used the product before so please excuse my naivety


So my first problem.  I am in the process of organizing a contact list and email campaign for the start of the new business.  I am looking at a list of 2000+ email addresses from past clients.  I am going to have to manually enter each contact (fun) and want to start correctly.  Each contact was added to my list based on interest in certain products (A, B, C).  In the future I want to be able to email either all the people on my list, by a product they purchased or gorups of products purchased.  Would it be easier to set people up in a contact list (if so how would I be able to filter them later) or go straight to the email campaign and enter people in the contacts field there.  Now if I go the email campaign route where would I enter the products so that I can group them later for an email blast. 


Are there any other options?  Is more info needed?


Thanks in advance for any help.