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Total Newbie question

Question asked by JeffP on Mar 10, 2010
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Total Newbie question


Hi Guys


I'm just beginning to use FM 9 on Mac Leopard.

I'm used to building db's on MySql with a Cocoa front end but want to change to FM for the speed and cross platform benefits.


I'm reading FileMaker Pro 9 Bible and The Missing Manual. They are great for many things but many of the simple problems that I would easily deal with using SQL, they don't seem to have an answer to.


So 2 questions.


1. Is there an online reference where I can look up the Filemaker equivalents of SQL solutions and any general solutions to common problems?


2. E.g. a I have Table A with primary key kA and Table B with primary key kB. I have a join table with keys kA and kB.  I only want one record in the join table for each set of values of kA and kB. But I can see no way of enforcing this. Is there one?


3. E.g. b. What is the easiest way to do the following SQL where the result will appear in a drop down box. For instance

get TableA.aField from TableA where tableA.pA = tableJoin.pA and tableJoin.pB = tableB.pB and tableB.val1 = "aVal" and table.B.val2 = "aVal2";


Any help is greatly appreciated.