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Total newbie starting point

Question asked by jazzteach on Aug 5, 2009
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Total newbie starting point


Hi everyone,


I am a teacher who has dabbled in Filemaker over the years, finding more questions than answers.  I am a tech-head, but never truly worked on databases.  This year I decided to take it slow and try to digest it all, which is why I am on the forum.  Maybe someone can shed some light on a few things for me.


I wanted to create a "master" plan book for my school year.  I wanted a database for all of my lesson plans, one for my schedule (list of classes/times, etc.), and one for lesson notes that aren't directly related to my lesson plans...I then wanted to enter in a schedule day (1-6 numbering system) and a few keywords about lesson topics.  I wanted this extracted information to appear as a 'page' (report) for my plan book and it list my daily schedule with my plans for the day- at which time I would print up the completed page and go from there.  


I've tried working with 3 tables and linking them with relationships and that just got me confused.  I don't even know if I need to use that for this purpose, but I figured if I needed to draw different information from 3 sources into one 'report,' that was the way to do it...


Can someone point me in the right direction... 


Thanks for any guidance.